About Us

CPG have been specialising in the Residential Industry undertaking period restorations and modern transformations of Australian homes, and have now successfully moved into the Commercial Industry completing projects for several clients such as the Department of Defence.
We thrive in completing quality complex projects for our clients in order to achieve a specific end result.

CPG regularly execute projects in compliance with legislation and regulations by ensuring processes are implemented and adhered to in accordance with the Acts and Regulations and various applicable Australian Standards and relevant Codes of Practice.

CPG has proven valuable in the past and continue to do so in the future to our existing clients and regularly aspire to increase our client database by undertaking a range of projects in any type of field.

We believe the more experience we gain the better service we can offer our clients.

Given our experience in the construction industry for over 15 years, we also provide our clients with a consultation service.

Currently within CPG we have key personnel holding expertise in the following areas:

  • Project & Construction Management
  • WHS, Environmental and Quality Documentation
  • Quantity Surveying & Civil Engineering
  • Tender Preparation, Methodology & Submission
  • Building Inspections & Certification
Specialising in refurbishments, additions and general construction in the commercial and residential construction industry providing custom construction and services, CPG have gained experience in a large range of construction related fields. Through undertaking our main services we have gained experience to complete additional physical and non-physical activities. Therefore more specifically we can provide service through completing a vast range of services, such as:

Main Construction Services

  • Residential, Commercial or Industrial Construction from Design to Handover
  • Period Restorations and Modern Transformations of Australian Buildings
  • Alterations & Additions to all Commercial, Industrial and Residential buildings
  • Office/Commercial Strip out & Fitout works
  • Detailed Construction and Joinery works

Non Physical/Consultation Services

  • Assessment, Design, Feasibility and Scope of Works
  • Building Certification – Assessment, Recommended Works & Certification
  • Civil Engineering – Design, Approvals, Compliance & Certification
  • Project Management – Commercial, Industrial and Residential Construction

Specific Physical Construction Services

  • Restoration/Replacement of Timber/Aluminium Windows & Doors
  • Roofing – Detailed Investigation & Replacement/Refurbishment
  • Internal & External Painting & Repairs
  • Façade – Refurbishment & Temporary Additional Entry Ways
  • Retaining Walls – Drainage Restoration, Design & Construction Works
  • Asbestos Containing Material Removal & Reinstatement
  • Physical Security – SCEC Endorsed Locks, Secret & Top Secret projects
  • Detailed & Large Excavation & Civil Works, Road Works, Landscaping
  • Facility upgrades (HVAC/CCTV) and relocations

CPG use a 3 tier priority system when completing any project, regardless of size:

  • 1. Safety – The safety of our contractors is by far our highest priority, and we spare no expense ensuring a safe working environment.
  • 2. Quality – The high quality standards we set ourselves is evident in all our activities and we prioritise quality over time. A high quality product is definitely more desirable than an accelerated rushed project.
  • 3. Time – We are very conscious of completing all our projects efficiently and it is in our best interest to finish a job as quickly as possible, but we will never compromise safety or quality in doing so.