• Regent Street, Paddington
      The restoration and modernisation of this circa 1890 Masonry, 4 Level Terrace. This project at Paddington was initially quoted as a lump sum and fixed time contract. As it progressed it was evident early on that the client and architect favoured an evolving and refining approach to the design. To eliminate the stress and documentation involved in such an approach, all parties agreed to working together and making fair and good progress with costs and overruns dealt with in a provisional cost type manner. Therefore there were changes in costs and timing to completion, however, all were instigated by the clients and designers and easily accommodated by CPG. The result is a stunning Terrace with no compromise on cost or quality and very happy clients.

    • Nelson Street, Annandale
      Reconstruction and modification of a leaking roof terrace atop a garage. Also, inclusion of a wine cellar, internal stair case and bathroom and kitchenette inside studio. The studio Floor which was already damaged by the leaking roof terrace, had to be kept and returned to as new condition. Heavy steel staircase between house and studio was to be demolished and removed and replaced with tiered MODWOOD decking, seating and stairs. The entire access for the works was through a new stair opening created in the garage ceiling. The structural works inside the courtyard included concreting, heavy structural steel fabrication and installation plus laying and concrete filling concrete blocks. Outdoor kitchen provisions (hot and cold water, gas and drainage) were to be incorporated on the roof terrace level. The complexity of the construction was further enhanced by having the clients living in the residence during the full duration of the works.